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John Deere Featured in Sustainability Report

Highlights of John Deere's environmental stewardship efforts have been included in the 2011 Business Roundtable Sustainability Report.


In the report, Chairman and CEO Sam Allen and leaders of other U.S. companies explain how their businesses are using innovative approaches to contribute to the quality of life around the world.


"John Deere's 56,000 employees are united in a common goal of serving our global customers — those linked to the land — with advanced products, services and solutions," said Allen in the report. "Underpinning these efforts is a focus on sustainability."


In the report, Allen highlights several Deere innovations and operational activities that illustrate the company's commitment to the environment.


The report is published annually by Business Roundtable, an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies, and is available on the organization's website.