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Intellectual Property Connection

Since its founding in 1837, John Deere has been a leader in using innovative ideas and technologies, and today we build some of the world's most advanced agricultural, turf, construction, and forestry equipment.


Our innovations offer benefits far beyond our own industry. John Deere technology can help reduce product development times, enhance product performance, and differentiate products in a hyper-competitive global marketplace.


John Deere Intellectual Property Connection
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John Deere Intellectual Property Available for Licensing

Fleet Management

Patent related to a system and method that gathers environmental data for potential mission locations and vehicle data (historical use & maintenance) to manage a vehicle fleet by matching vehicles to one or more missions such that the matched vehicles are likely to complete the mission.

Technology SummaryPatents IssuedTitle
License Overview US7415333 Management of Vehicles Based on Operational Environment

Foldable Shipping Bulkhead

Patent related to a bulkhead for constraining a bulk material within a container.

Technology SummaryPatents IssuedTitle
License Overview US7357611 Foldable Shipping Container Bulkhead

Fuel Cell

Patents related to the cooling and connection of fuel cells and the storage and cooling of hydrogen fuel.

Technology SummaryPatents IssuedTitle
License Overview US6852435 Fuel Cell Cooling System
US6969545 Hydrogen Storage Container
US7063912 Fuel Cell Assembly System
US7323043 Storage Container with Thermal Energy Management

Micro Mirror Array

Patents related to optical range finder technology based on the use of MEMS Micro Mirror Arrays (MMA).

Technology SummaryPatents IssuedTitle
License Overview US6839127 Optical Range Finder Having an Micro Mirror Array
US7064810 Optical Range Finder with Directed Attention
US7206063 Optical Range Finder with Directed Attention

Ruggedized USB Port

Patent related to a robust USB connection configured to occupy the space utilized by a motor vehicle cigarette lighter.

Technology SummaryPatents IssuedTitle
License Overview US7438602 Ruggedized USB Port

Telescopic Handler

Select patents from John Deere's commercially discontinued telehandler product line, related to the following areas: Anti-Tippping, Actively Stabilized Suspension, Floating Position Boom, Boom Suspension System, Miscellaneous.

Technology SummaryPatents IssuedTitle
License Overview US6530742 Telescopic boom routing assembly for transmission lines
US6533528 Support frame for front attached implements of an operating machine and associated locating pins
US6988363 Hydraulic active boom suspension for a telehandler
US7104181 Hydraulic control circuit for a hydraulic lifting cylinder
US7140178 Hydraulic arrangement
US7223061 Boom
US7337610 Hydraulic arrangement
US7370723 Loading machine
US7398847 Radiator arrangement
US7430953 Loading implement and process for loading implement
US7430955 Hydraulic arrangement
US7448309 Hydraulic arrangement
US7516614 Hydraulic arrangement
US7530434 Hydraulic system
US7717664 Loader
US7726665 Suspension system
US7753385 Suspension system
US7845896 Loader

Walk Behind Power Equipment

A patent related to drive system technology that provides a range of infinitely adjustable speeds controlled thru a pivotably connected lever on the handle of self propelled power equipment, such as a Walk Behind Mower (WBM).

Technology SummaryPatents IssuedTitle
License Overview US6644002 Walk-Behind Self-Propelled Power Equipment Unit With Speed Control

Wear Coating

Patent and Know How related to a coating that can extend the life of wear parts.

Technology SummaryPatents IssuedTitle
License Overview US5879743 Method for Hardfacing a Metal Surface