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GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards

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What is GreenFleet?

GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards is designed to help you manage your fleet, assist your bottom line, and thank you for your purchases . Along with exclusive equipment discounts, you get substantial parts savings, special workshop product discounts, and other member-only benefits.

    View our GreenFleet Overview video to learn more.View our GreenFleet Overview video to learn more.

    How Does It Work?

    Membership has never been easier! Just purchase 2 qualifying units within 12 months, and you’ll be on your way to unlocking the savings. Enjoy your membership for two full years. Better yet, purchase 2 qualifying units every two years and we’ll automatically renew your membership.

    What Does Membership Cost?
    GreenFleet is free of charge. Just qualify for the program and start saving today!

    You depend on your equipment day after day, which is why we’re truly honored that you’ve trusted John Deere with your fleet. Such loyalty should be rewarded.

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    GreenFleet Benefits

    GreenFleet Benefits

    GreenFleet makes managing your equipment easier and more cost-effective than ever. But it’s much more than just equipment discounts. You’ll find benefits such as parts discounts, workshop products discounts and more.

    Best of all, it’s exclusive for GreenFleet members.

    Equipment discounts
    The more equipment you buy, the more you save - over 150 eligible models

    Parts discounts
    10% off the Turf parts you need

    Workshop discounts
    10% off workshop tools and equipment

    Exclusive promotions
    Special email offers only for GreenFleet members

    Purchase two qualifying units within 12 months

    Two Years
    Take advantage of membership for two full years

    No Cost
    GreenFleet membership is free of charge with a qualified purchase

    Equipment Discounts

    Equipment Discounts

    GreenFleet's qualification starts with purchasing any two products listed below (within 12 months). You'll automatically be enrolled in the program. Then, it's easy to add more equipment and know your discount before you buy. Your local dealer can verify your current savings level, quote new equipment, and apply your discount to each purchase.

    Category Eligible Equipment Level 1:
    2-4 Units
    Level 2:
    5-7 Units
    Level 3:
    8+ Units
    commercial mowing
    WG, WH, WHP $250/ea $350/ea $450/ea
    600A, 600B, 600M, 600R, Z900B $400/ea $500/ea $600/ea
    Z700A, Z900A, Z900M, Z900R $500/ea $650/ea $800/ea
    997, Z997R, 1400, 1420, 1435, 1445, 1550 $1000/ea $1,300/ea $1,600/ea
    1545, 1565, 1570, 1580 $1,200/ea $1,700/ea $2,200/ea
    1575,1585 $1,600/ea $2,300/ea $3,000/ea
    1600 $2,500/ea $3,500/ea $4,500/ea
    Utility Vehicles
    CX, TS $200/ea $300/ea $400/ea
    TX, 550, 550 S4 $400/ea $600/ea $800/ea
    625i, HPX, TH, TE $600/ea $800/ea $1,000/ea
    825i, 825i S4, RSX, 855D, 855D S4, M-Gator A2C $800/ea $1,000/ea $1,200/ea

    1023E, 1025R, 1026R, 2025R, 2320, 3005

    $500/ea $700/ea $900/ea
    2032R, 2520, 2720, 3032E, 3038E, 4005 $600/ea $900/ea $1,200/ea
    3033R, 3039R, 3320, 3520, 4105 $900/ea $1,300/ea $1,700/ea
    3046R, 3720, 4044M, 4044R, 4052M, 4052R, 4120, 4320 $1,200/ea $1,600/ea $2,000/ea
    4066M, 4066R, 4520, 4720 $1,400/ea $1,900/ea $2,400/ea
    5045D, 5055D, 5045E, 5055E, 5065E, 5075E $0/ea $700/ea $700/ea
    5085E, 5100E, 5101E, 5083E, 5093E $0/ea $1400/ea $1400/ea
    5075M, 5085M, 5100M, 5115M, 5065M, 5095M, 5105M, 5100MH, 5100ML, 5115ML, 5083EN, 5093EN, 5101EN $0/ea $1700/ea $1700/ea
    Residential Mowing
    X500, Z600 $250/ea $375/ea $500/ea
    X700 $450/ea $600/ea $750/ea

    Golf & Sports Turf

    Golf &
    Sports Turf:
    180 E-Cut, 180SL, 220 E-Cut, 220SL, 260SL,TX Turf, Aercore 1000 $300/ea $450/ea $600/ea
    1200A,1200H, HD200, HD300 $550/ea $750/ea $950/ea
    2020A, 2030A, 2653B, Aercore 800,
    Aercore 1500
    $900/ea $1,250/ea $1,600/ea
    2500B Gas, 2500B Diesel, 2500E Gas,
    2500E Diesel, 7200, 7400, Aercore 2000
    $1,300/ea $1,850/ea $2,400/ea
    7500, 7500 E-Cut, 7700, 8000 E-Cut, 8500, 8500 E-Cut, 8700, 8800 $2,100/ea $2,925/ea $3,750/ea
    Commercial Worksite
    313, 315, 318D, 318E, 320D, 320E, 326D, 326E, 328D, 328E, 332D, 332E 15% Off
    17% Off
    20% Off
    CT315, 319D, 319E, 323D, 323E, 329D, 329E, 333D, 333E 15% Off
    17% Off
    20% Off
    17D, 27D, 35D, 35G, 50D, 50G, 60D, 60G 15% Off
    17% Off
    20% Off
    204K, 244J, 304K, 324J 15% Off
    17% Off
    20% Off

    Commercial Worksite


    CWP Worksite Pro™ Attachments (with base codes) on the same purchase order with the power unit are eligible for GreenFleet discounts. They won’t count as a qualified unit, unless used as a Qualifier unit below.


    Additional Equipment Qualifier


    All of the equipment listed above will earn you a new GreenFleet membership and increased Level discounts. And, all other Ag & Turf equipment (not listed above) with serial numbers and a retail value greater than $7,500 are eligible as a First Qualified Unit only for your first membership period. While this first unit could help you earn a greater discount level over time, it is not eligible for any GreenFleet discounts.


    How Does It Work?


    1st Membership Period - In this example, two Z925M’s were purchased to start a membership and received a $500 discount on each unit. Within the 24 month membership, three additional units were purchased at the same time: one more Z925M and two 625i Utility Vehicles. The Z925M receives a $650 discount, and the 625i receives a $800 discount on each unit because the five total units reached the Level 2 savings. The membership then expires 24 months from the initial purchase.


    2nd Membership Period - Because of the previous purchases, the membership is automatically renewed for the next 24 month period. Better yet, the minimum discount level will start at Level 2, so the two 4520's that are now needed will receive a $1,400 discount on each unit. With no other purchases this period, the 24 month membership expires. But don’t worry, because at least 2 units were purchased, the 3rd membership period automatically renews for another 24 months at a minimum Level 1 discount.

    Parts Discounts

    Parts Discounts

    Save 10%


    As a GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards member, you will receive 10% off MSRP for
    Turf parts eligible on John Deere equipment with a minimum $200 purchase. Also
    receive discounts on Sunbelt All-Makes parts to maintain the rest of your fleet.*


    Eligible Equipment:

    • Commercial Mowing (ZTrak™, QuikTrak™, Walk-Behinds, Front Mowers & Wide-Area Mowers)
    • Utility Vehicles^
    • Residential Mowing (X500, X700, & Z600)
    • Tractors (1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 Series)


    Parts Discount Details:


    *John Deere OEM turf parts and Sunbelt All-Makes parts with a minimum $200 purchase. Must present a valid, active GreenFleet card at time of purchase. Discount is not stackable with other discounts, coupons or promotions. Does not apply to bulk oil purchases. Valid at participating John Deere dealer locations in the US and Canada.


    **US Only. At participating locations.


    ^Excludes M-Gator military models, ProGator, and TX Turf.

    Workshop Discounts

    Workshop Discounts

    Save 10%


    As a member, you'll receive 10% off MSRP for eligible John Deere tools and workshop equipment.


    Eligible Equipment:

    Not Eligible:

    • Battery Chargers
    • Chemicals
    • Flashlights
    • Grease Guns & Accessories
    • Security Safes
    • Workshop Supplies


    Workshop Discount Details


    Must present a valid, active GreenFleet card at time of purchase. Discount is not stackable with other discounts, coupons or promotions. Valid at participating John Deere dealer locations in the US and Canada.

    John Deere Financial

    John Deere Financial

    A key part of growing your business is being able to build your fleet - quickly, cost-effectively and without a lot of extra hassle. You've come to the right place.

    Finance Solutions:

    • Low Rate Financing Options
    • Flexible Leasing Options
    • Monthly Payment Plans
    • Seasonal Payment Plans
    • Equipment Insurance

    Find out more at JohnDeereFinancial.com and see what makes John Deere Financial your ideal business partner.


    Exclusive Offers

    Look for member-only finance offers in our monthly GreenFleet emails. Activate today.


    You've come to the right place to answer all your GreenFleet questions. If we didn't answer your question here, please contact GreenFleet@JohnDeere.com.


    Q: Does GreenFleet membership cost anything?
    A: No, GreenFleet membership is free of charge with a qualified purchase.


    Q: How do I sign up for GreenFleet? How do I become a GreenFleet member?
    A: Purchase two qualifying units within 12 months and we will automatically enroll you in the program.


    Q: Will two units purchased individually within 12 months earn a discount?
    A: The first unit would not be eligible for a discount, if purchased individually. The second unit purchased individually would be eligible for a discount and membership start-date is retroactive to the first unit.


    Q: How long does it take to receive my membership card?
    A: Normal processing is 6-8 weeks.


    Q: Can I receive a 10% parts discount with my first qualifying purchase?
    A: Yes. You are eligible for the discount with your first qualifying purchase, even before your card is issued.


    Q: How do the discount levels work?
    A: For example, a three unit purchase will a receive Level 1 discount on each piece. If you purchase two more units (for a total of 5 units), those additional two units will both receive Level 2 discounts.


    Q: How long does my membership last?
    A: GreenFleet is a two year program that starts with your first qualified unit purchase.


    Q: How do I renew my membership?
    A: Purchasing two qualifying units every two years automatically renews your membership.


    Q: How can I receive the exclusive offers?
    A: Activate your membership card here. Offers are sent monthly via email.


    Q: How do I replace a lost card?
    A: Contact us and we will send a replacement.


    Q: How can I merge duplicate accounts?
    A: If you received cards for multiple accounts, please contact us to consolidate your accounts to ensure you get the best discounts.


    Q: Is GreenFleet different from the John Deere Landscapes Partner’s Program?
    A: The two programs are independent, but they both reward your purchases and loyalty.

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