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13.6L engine and inline aftertreatment

This engine was built with a clean-sheet approach, but it's not afraid to get dirty. The new John Deere 13.6L engine features next generation engine technology, and it doesn't forget its roots working in rugged off-highway applications.


The 13.6L engine was designed from the ground up by John Deere engineers to deliver new levels of performance, time, and durability — all wrapped in a new, compact package that is easy to integrate and simple to maintain.

13.6L Power Ratings
Variable-speed industrial fan
Max power over 500 kW (671 hp)
Constant-speed generator drive Dual frequency ratings can reach 500 kVA gen-set power node

Go anywhere. One solution.

The new John Deere 13.6L engine is ready to meet Stage V emissions regulations using a proven diesel particulate filter (DPF) solution. It gives OEMs and gen-set manufacturers more choices for meeting varying emissions regulations around the world.


More power in a smaller package.

The 13.6L engine offers a reduction in size and weight for an engine in this power range — giving you more flexibility when it comes to engine packaging.

Built for extreme reliability.

John Deere engines are known for reliable operation in tough off-highway applications. Building on that knowledge and strength, this engine is designed for even more reliability and uptime.

Built for the long road.

This engine is built to keep running in harsh conditions for the life of a machine. Designed to last, the new 13.6L engine offers heavyduty, durable components and up to two overhauls.

Big power with a small thirst.

The 13.6L engine offers an enhanced fuel system and optimized combustion for low total fluid consumption. Now available on our largest displacement engine, the high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel system provides higher injection pressures and more precise control of fuel injection timing.

Easy to maintain. Low service costs.

Our engineers put a lot of care and thought into making this engine easy to work on. The new 13.6L engine was specifically designed for easy maintenance, component accessibility, and reduced service costs.

Operational flexibility.

John Deere engineers were also able to enhance operational flexibility. The 13.6L engine offers full power from the front and rear of the engine while providing the capability to add more pumps with an integrated PTO. It comes with multiple aux drive connections and is available in single- and dual-turbo configurations to maximize packaging flexibility.

Next generation Integrated Emissions Control system.

Our durable inline aftertreatment provides unified packaging to reduce connection points and simplify integration. It is offered in two sizes to match application needs. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

  • Ease of application integration
  • Less heat loss
  • Robust aftertreatment performance