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Quality and Expertise, a Winning Combination in Drip Irrigation

At Ingenio Los Mochis a sugarcane operation in Sinaloa, Mexico, they have been using a John Deere Water drip irrigation system for more than one decade and they are highly enthusiastic about the benefits of the system and its positive results.

The irrigation system at Ingenio Los Mochis has been working well since it was installed in 1998. Irrigation engineers explain that good management and maintenance of the system has contributed to its longevity.*


Hydraulic design and water management

According to the operators, it is not enough to only have the materials — proper knowledge and application of techniques is required to yield the best possible results from the system. In fact, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind for drip irrigation systems is the management of water resources. The type of crop, amount of rainfall, and evaporation rates are all factors that help determine the amount of water that is applied to the soil.

The design of the hydraulic mechanisms by the irrigation system supplier is also critical in ensuring the proper amount of water distributed in the soil is delivered to each plant, which largely affects the quality of the crops and thus the success of the operation.


Thinking of switching to drip irrigation? Read on

If you are a grower who is considering the transition from furrow irrigation to drip irrigation, there will naturally be several things to take into consideration.

Among them are the origin, quality and quantity of available irrigation water, a reliable supplier, the investment required for the system, as well as a commitment and going through cultural changes in irrigation management.

For instance, with the furrow system, frequency of irrigation is low, ranging from 15 to 35 days between events, plus the water runs above ground; while in drip irrigation, frequency may be daily and irrigation takes place underground, which is one of the main differences in supervising and setting irrigation events. Therefore, you have to be mindful not to exaggerate the amount of water you apply to the crops.

Going along with proper water management, maintaining a balanced level of humidity is also important because this encourages optimal growth conditions for extended periods of time. Crops have a better chance for healthy development.

While all of these methods have proven to be fruitful in terms of growth and production, without the durability and reliability of John Deere Water's supplies these sugarcane growers would not have the same successes with the system despite their extensive knowledge. They stress that in order to succeed, you must have a winning combination of both expertise, and the right materials and equipment to get the job done.

John Deere Water provides the most reliable integrated Ag water management solutions with superior channel partners to growers that want to optimize operations and output.

"Without the durability and reliability of John Deere Water's supplies, these sugarcane growers would not have had the same successes"
Hector Manuel Perez Turner- Hector Manuel Perez TurnerAgricultural Engineer

*Disclaimer: Production results with an irrigation system may vary depending upon a variety of factors, including the following: management and maintenance of the irrigation system, fertilization management, type of crop, weather conditions, type of soil and pest control.

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