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Customer Service is Top of the Mark

Sea Mist Farms, in Castroville, California, recently installed a John Deere Water (JDW) drip irrigation system.  Out of the many systems available on the market, Sea Mist chose JDW because of their quality products and excellent service. Chris Drew, production manager at Sea Mist, had a large stake in the decision because he is responsible for thousands of acres of cool-season vegetable crops. He knows that mistakes with irrigation can mean disaster. “We chose JDW because of the service they provide and because we felt very comfortable with their system,” Drew says. “Their technical service is top of the mark, their customer service is top of the mark, and their product is top of the mark.”

Technical Service

John Deere Water’s technical support crew left a good impression on Drew. He likes the fact that the service staff and sales team connects with their growers regularly. “I know my district salesman by name. He calls every two weeks to check in with me,” says Drew. “That is one thing that I like to know is available to me. When I set up a drip system the last thing I want to see of my salesman is his taillights.” The technical crew at JDW eased the way for Sea Mist Farms by assisting them with the set-up and calibration of the system. When Sea Mist workers were setting up their Field Connect (soil moisture monitoring) unit, JDW representatives came out to the field and worked with them hand-in-hand to make sure that the baselines were set up accurately. After the system was set up, the support crew continued to aid Sea Mist whenever needed. Drew says that when problems occurred, the team was always quick to respond and more than willing to come out and help at a moment’s notice.

Customer Service

In addition to technical support, John Deere Water has an excellent customer service department that is committed to providing quality support no matter what the situation. They work hard to listen to their customers and meet their needs in a timely manner. Chris Drew gives JDW’s customer service department high marks for their friendliness and quality service. He says that they are always happy to answer questions and quick to resolve problems.

Quality Products

John Deere Water is dedicated to helping their customers do more with their water, so they promote the use of high quality, efficient products. The conversion to drip irrigation was a large financial investment for Sea Mist Farms. The fact that they felt comfortable making that investment in a JDW drip system speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of JDW products. Drew says that the investment has been worth it. He believes that the implementation of drip irrigation at Sea Mist has helped them save time, water and electricity because the system is so efficient. He feels very comfortable with continuing to use more of their products in the future.

"I know my district salesman by name. He calls every two weeks to check in with me"
Chris Drew, Production Manager at Sea Mist Farms- Chris DrewProduction Manager

*Disclaimer: Production results with an irrigation system may vary depending upon a variety of factors, including the following: management and maintenance of the irrigation system, fertilization management, type of crop, weather conditions, type of soil and pest control.

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