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A Clear Perspective on Quality of Drip Irrigation

Using a drip irrigation system in sugarcane production has proved to be an incredibly rewarding choice for the growers at Los Mochis, a sugarcane plantation located in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico. The results that they have achieved using John Deere Water products have surpassed all expectations.


In Los Mochis valley, Sinaloa, a semi-arid agricultural region, crops rely exclusively on irrigation, so it's of utmost importance that the materials used are of excellent quality and durability.


More than 10 years surpassing expectations

Hector Manuel Perez Turner, an agricultural engineer who works at the Los Mochis plantation has openly expressed his satisfaction with John Deere Water irrigation products and shares his impression on the products after more than a decade of use.


"The results we've had have greatly surpassed our original expectations, considering we had expected an increase in production of 30 to 35%. We've had an average increase of 60% to 65% more or less, going all the way up to 100% or more within the years we've used the system." *


What also impressed Perez Turner was the life span of the drip tape, which he began using in 1998 when they first installed the drip irrigation system. When he set out, he was expecting the tape to last for a maximum of five years, but — surpassing all expectations — the John Deere Water's drip tape continues working to this day, over 13 years later, with no problems.


It's all about design, management and maintenance

This agronomist attributes the duration of the system to a combination of factors, from using a drip tape with good features and quality to its good design, proper management performed by the irrigation operators, and the maintenance of the system as a whole. Perez Turner specifically advises that the tape should be flushed frequently. He also suggests making sure to apply the proper amount of chlorine, acids and herbicides to avoid obstructing the drippers by building up of sediments, mineral or organic matter and roots entering the tape. Fertilizers must be managed properly because their misusage can result in plugging, which can decrease the useful life of the drip tape and lead to the general failure of a project.


Having been able to see the earlier system, furrow irrigation, and the drip system operate simultaneously in different plots, Perez Turner has a clear perspective on the quality of John Deere Water's products, which was made evident by general improvements in the production process after the switch was made. He found that the benefits of drip irrigation materials are wide-ranging and highly sustainable if properly managed and maintained.

John Deere Water provides the most reliable integrated Ag water management solutions with superior channel partners to growers that want to optimize operations and output.

"The results we've had have greatly surpassed our original expectations"
Agricultural Engineer- Hector Manuel Perez TurnerAgricultural Engineer

*Disclaimer: Production results with an irrigation system may vary depending upon a variety of factors, including the following: management and maintenance of the irrigation system, fertilization management, type of crop, weather conditions, type of soil and pest control.

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