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Where to Buy

A customer and dealer talking at a dealership.

On Site
Our John Deere dealers and distributors are the experts that can help you find the right solution to your equipment needs.  Specializing by industry or residential equipment dealers – they can help with your buying decision from defining your requirements, ordering your equipment, finalizing and financing your purchase to servicing your equipment.

For maintaining your residential property, you can also find select John Deere equipment at Home Depot and Lowes home improvement stores.

  • You can order select models of John Deere equipment to maintain your residential property using our Buy Online Web site.  These online orders are sourced through your local John Deere dealer.  They will contact you to set up delivery and finalize the financing and purchase.
  • Some basic homeowner equipment service parts can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home.
  • A more comprehensive online parts ordering Web site is also available for a the complete line of John Deere parts.  You order online and your local John Deere dealer fulfills the order – for delivery, pick-up, or to ship directly to you.
  • For governmental agencies or military entities, John Deere has special Web sites to help meet your purchasing requirements.

Special Offers on Equipment