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We’re truly motivated to make the numbers work for you.

As the only finance company directly tied to a golf maintenance equipment manufacturer, we get it: the pressures you face.  Your need for easy access to credit.  And how much you count on long-term business relationships. That’s why every one of our staff is a bona fide golf industry veteran, who is personally dedicated to your success today and tomorrow. So if you’re interested in working with a financial organization with these kinds of values, talk to your John Deere Golf distributor.


A John Deere Financial MasterLease is easy, flexible, and customizable.

  • Simply work with your John Deere Golf distributor and submit a Golf Course Profile that outlines your individual needs.
  • We’ll provide up-front credit approval and legal documentation to make your future equipment acquisitions fast, easy and convenient.
  • You can even simplify payment with the Direct Payment Option. Just select the day of the month that works best for you and we’ll automatically debit your account on that day each month.

To learn more contact your John Deere Equipmment Distributor, or John Deere Financial at 888-777-2560.

Loan vs. Lease

Leasing equipment provides you with real business advantages that owning can’t match.
Leasing AdvantageOwning
Lower monthly payments Higher loan payments when you finance
Equipment acquisition in operating budget may offer tax benefits* Equipment is a capital expenditure using after-tax money
Keeps your heavily used equipment under warranty, reducing maintenance costs Older equipment costs more to maintain
You’ll have access to the newest, high-tech equipment available Higher replacement costs may require you keep older equipment in use
Saves your cash and credit lines for other opportunities Uses credit lines
Customizable payment schedules based on your individual needs Payments amortized by lender regardless of your available cash flow
*Consult your tax advisor.

The numbers speak for themselves. Leasing saves you money.

Here’s a financial comparison of leasing versus owning in a typical equipment acquisition scenario.

This example assumes an $80,000 cost of equipment and five percent sales tax.

With savings like these, leasing gives you a true financial advantage that’s hard to pass up.
 CashTraditional FinancingJohn Deere Financial MasterLease
Interest rate N/A 6.75% N/A
Monthly Payment (36 months) N/A $2,569.63 $1,939.70**
Year 1 Outlay $84,000 (includes tax) $30,835.56 $23,276.40
Year 2 Outlay   $30,835.56 $23,276.40
Year 3 Outlay   $30,835.56 $23,276.40
Total $84,000 $92,506.68 (includes tax) $69,829.20
Lease Savings $14,170.80 $22,677.48  
**Remember, flexible payment schedules are available to meet your individual cash flow needs.

To learn more contact your John Deere Equipmment Distributor, or John Deere Financial at 888-777-2560.

Flexible Options

Seasonal payment options, and more.

For those months when business slows down, we offer attractive seasonal payments that let you conserve cash by skipping up to 6 payment months each year. Monthly payments may not work for everyone. We also offer annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or irregular payment schedules. 

To learn more contact your John Deere Equipmment Distributor, or John Deere Financial at 888-777-2560.

Pre-Owned Equipment

Pre-Owned Equipment

Your John Deere Golf distributor offers a complete line of the latest golf course maintenance equipment. Most distributors also maintain an inventory of quality pre-owned equipment. 

Many golf courses return equipment to their John Deere Golf distributor at the end of an operating lease so they can replace it with newer models, assuring distributors a continuing supply of quality pre-owned equipment, eligible for financing.  Check out pre-owned equipment details.

Leasing pre-owned equipment is a cost saving choice for completing your equipment fleet. You can stretch payments over a comfortable term to get more equipment to maintain your course, all within your budget.

To learn more contact your John Deere Equipmment Distributor, or John Deere Financial at 888-777-2560.

Club Solutions

Upgrade to business class

For more than 170 years, John Deere has built more than products. We’ve built trust. And we are committed to building enduring relationships with the nation’s leading club managers.

John Deere Financial is one of the largest providers of financial services to agricultural and construction customers in the U.S. with nearly 2.3 million accounts and a managed portfolio over $25 billion. So we have a wealth of resources to apply to your business including featured articles like this one, 5 Things That’ll Make Your Club Manager Say “Yes” to Your Equipment Plan.

We also bring a unique perspective to the golf industry, with a focused team that is familiar with the issues clubs face. And we can use this experience to assemble a custom-built, comprehensive financial solution that not only maximizes your organization’s cash flow, but is also the perfect fit for your club’s future plans. We can even potentially package financing to include more than equipment.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your expectations of what a financial organization can do for you, talk to your John Deere Golf representative today.

To learn more contact your John Deere Equipmment Distributor, or John Deere Financial at 888-777-2560.


From natural to manmade disasters, to unexpected financial strains, we’ll be there.

With the competitive pressures facing golf these days, we know you can’t wait for help if something occurs that impairs your ability to conduct business. That’s why, we get the call, we act right away.

Take the case of Barefoot Resort & Golf.
In May of 2009, a devastating fire destroyed two fleets of leased equipment. Resolving to keep operating normally, the management contacted us to see how we could help.

Knowing this was their busiest time of the year, our distributor, Revels Turf & Tractor acted fast, coordinating with John Deere Financial to enable a rapid and comprehensive response.

How fast? Within 24 hours, the resort had all the equipment it needed for immediate maintenance, and within 36 hours, two complete replacement fleets.  

All without money changing hands. Because the paperwork could wait. Their business couldn’t.

We continued to work with Barefoot in the months that followed to help with the complex insurance resolution and to structure a new lease.

Extraordinary? Hardly. We’d try to do the same thing for every one of our customers.

All proving, as General Manager Dave Genevro said, “we’re not just loan XYZ, they actually know us.”

So if you are looking for an organization you can forge that kind of relationship with—instead of just business as usual—talk to us.

To learn more contact your John Deere Equipmment Distributor, or John Deere Financial at 888-777-2560.

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