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What can I do when the tractor engine is hard to start in cold weather?

Engine is hard to start when cold.

Situation or Problem
The John Deere Engine Intake Manifold Air Heating System has introduced a 12 volt manifold heater kit.

- Eliminates ether start rattle

- Reduces black and white smoke

- Gets the vehicle in operation faster

The colder the weather the better the performance.

Engine is hard to start when cold
Click here to view table of available manifold heater kits.

Affected Equipment
4230 tractor       4040 tractor    
4240 tractor       4430 tractor    
4440 tractor       4630 tractor    
4640 tractor       4840 tractor    
4050 tractor       4250 tractor    
4450 tractor       4055 tractor    
4255 tractor       4455 tractor    

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