Why are the tractor Selective Control Valves (SCV) leaking pressure?
SCV's leaking pressure internally



Cannot maintain pressure on SCV's when operating single-acting cylinders.  Typical symptoms if rod and head end cylinder hoses are connected to extend and retract ports respectively will include: baler gate creeps open, manure spreader gates creep open, loss of down pressure on grain drill row units, etc.  This is specifically prevalent in low flow applications.

Situation or Problem

A new SCV shut-off valve kit AL171027 is available through your John Deere Dealer for 200/201(Standard) and 300/301 (Deluxe) series SCV's.

The lower coupler port flow is restricted to 10 liters per minute (2.65 U.S. gallons per minute).

A shut-off valve AL171027 SCV prevents leakage at the lower coupler port.

Note: Float position will not be available at lower coupler port.

Solution Steps

Contact the John Deere Dealer parts department to order a new SCV shut-off valve kit AL171027.  After kit AL171027 is installed it will be important to always make sure the installed kit is in series with the pressure coupler.

Affected Equipment
6200 Tractor      6300 Tractor   
6400 Tractor      6500 Tractor   
6403 Tractor      6603 Tractor   
6110 Tractor      6210 Tractor   
6310 Tractor      6410 Tractor   
6215 Tractor      6415 Tractor   
6615 Tractor      6715 Tractor   
6120 Tractor      6220 Tractor   
6320 Tractor      6420 Tractor   
7200 Tractor      7400 Tractor   
7600 Tractor      7700 Tractor   
7800 Tractor      7210 Tractor   
7410 Tractor      7510 Tractor   
7610 Tractor      7220 Tractor   
7320 Tractor      7420 Tractor   
7520 Tractor      7720 Tractor   
7820 Tractor      7920 Tractor   

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