Proper safety chain connection
How to properly connect an implement safety chain to a tractor.



The safety chain is improperly connected to the rear of the tractor.


The safety chain must be connected to the tractor drawbar support. The chain must be routed through the intermediate support loop on the drawbar; then connected to the drawbar support. Be sure to only leave enough slack in the chain to allow for turning without the chain getting tight.

Important: Do not use safety chain for towing or possible damage to tractor, implement, and drawbar may result. Safety chain is provided only for transport. Do not use intermediate support as an attaching point, load may break free.

As shown, intermediate support is used to keep safety chain from dragging.

Refer to the attached photos of proper chain routing:

Caution: Avoid possible accident and injury by using a safety chain on drawn equipment.
Use a safety chain with a strength rating equal to or greater than the gross weight of equipment.
Provide only enough slack in the chain to permit turning.

Important: Always consult the implement and tractor Operator's Manual to transport section to ensure proper connection.

Affected Equipment
All John Deere Tractors   

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