Will hydraulic oil from non-John Deere implements or tractors harm any components?


Customer owns both John Deere and competitive brand equipment, therefore, different types of hydraulic fluids may mix together.

Situation or Problem

Mixing of Hy-Gard™ and HyTran™ (used in Case-New Holland products for example) has occurred in many instances over the years without any apparent problems.


An ideal situation would avoid mixing of various fluids. In tests at John Deere, HyTran has historically had lower gear wear protection. It is lower viscosity hot and higher viscosity cold. HyTran was formulated without zinc anti-wear additive, so mixing it with Hy-Gard dilutes the anti-wear additive in Hy-Gard. It is preferable for customers to use Hy-Gard in all machines. If the customer has a competitive machine that is under warranty, we recommend using the manufacturer's fluid to avoid questions regarding warranty coverage. If the customer wants to use one oil, Hy-Gard would be an excellent choice.

Affected Equipment
All John Deere Tractors   

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