Outside rear view mirror and tractor door contact


Outside rear view mirror contacts door even when mirror is adjusted to end of stop.


A longer mirror bracket RE263262 is available through Service Parts from your John Deere dealer's Parts Department. On tractors equipped with power adjustable mirrors, also order extension wiring harness RE264328. Additional information about the new mirror bracket is available from your John Deere dealer referencing Dealer Technical Assistance Center (DTAC) Solution 71874.

Bracket mirror extensions were increased and were installed on the following tractor Serial Numbers:

  • 7030 Series Large-Frame Tractors: (009516-)
  • 8030 Series Wheel Tractors: (022682-)
  • 8030T Series Track Tractors: (904077-)
  • 9030 Series Wheel Tractors: (002805-)
  • 9030T Series Track Tractors: (902139-)

Affected Equipment
7630 Tractor      7730 Tractor   
7830 Tractor      7930 Tractor   
8130 Tractor      8230 Tractor   
8330 Tractor      8430 Tractor   
8530 Tractor      8230T Tractor   
8330T Tractor      8430T Tractor   
9230 Tractor      9330 Tractor   
9430 Tractor      9530 Tractor   
9630 Tractor      9430T Tractor   
9530T Tractor      9630T Tractor   

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