Loosening Fuel Tank Drain Plug

Situation or Problem
Is there a special wrench available to loosen fuel tank drain plug? The Operator's Manual mentions using a “½ - inch square section key”.

Solution Steps

• To loosen fuel tank drain plug, a standard ½ - inch square drive socket wrench handle can be used. For fuel tank drain plug location and instructions for loosening plug, reference procedure shown in appropriate Operator’s Manual (Section 90 Service/Daily or Every 10 Hours, Checking the Fuel Filter). 

Affected Equipment
6230 Tractor      6230 Premium Tractor   
6330 Tractor      6330 Premium Tractor   
6430 Tractor      6430 Premium Tractor   
7130 Tractor      7130 Premium Tractor   
7230 Tractor      7230 Premium Tractor   
7330 Tractor      7330 Premium Tractor   
7430 Tractor      7430 Premium Tractor   

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