Jump Starting Large-Row Crop Tractors

Situation or Problem

Information on jump starting a tractor is needed.

Solution Steps

Use the following procedure to connect the booster battery to tractor:  For location of positive and negative terminals see Terminals for jump starting document.


  • Do not start engine by shorting across starter terminals. Machine will start in gear if normal circuitry is bypassed. Never start engine while standing on the ground. Start engine only from operator's seat, with transmission in park.
  • Gas given off by batteries is explosive.  Keep sparks and flames away from batteries.  Make last connection and first disconnection at a point away from booster batteries.

Battery Booster:

  1. Attach red cable to the remote positive terminal (A) located by the starter and positive terminal of booster battery.
  2. Attach black battery cable to negative terminal of booster battery.  Attach other end to the ground (B) on tractor frame.
  3. Remove black ground cable first when disconnecting.

Battery Charger:

Important: Set battery charger at nominal 12 volt and no more than 16 volt maximum.

  1. Attach positive charger lead to positive remote terminal with charger in OFF position.  Attach negative charger lead to negative ground at engine block, away from batteries.
  2. Switch charger to ON and charge battery according to charger manufacturers instructions.
  3. Switch charger to OFF.  Remove negative charger lead first, then opposite lead.

Important precautions to remember:

  • Be sure polarity is correct before making any connections.  Reversed polarity will damage electrical system and possibly cause battery to explode.  For more information about protecting  electronic components see Protecting Electronic Components When Jump Starting a Tractor Tip.
  • If two or more booster batteries are used, then connect all batteries in parallel ensuring booster batteries are producing a 12 volt change.

Affected Equipment
7720 Tractor      7820 Tractor   
7920 Tractor      7630 Tractor   
7730 Tractor      7830 Tractor   
7930 Tractor      8120 Tractor   
8220 Tractor      8320 Tractor   
8420 Tractor      8520 Tractor   
8130 Tractor      8230 Tractor   
8330 Tractor      8430 Tractor   
8530 Tractor      8120T Tractor   
8220T Tractor      8320T Tractor   
8420T Tractor      8520T Tractor   
8230T Tractor      8330T Tractor   
8430T Tractor   

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