Hood latch adjustment
Adjust the hood enabling it to latch



Tractor hood will not latch.

Situation or Problem

Hood support is out of adjustment causing lack of contact at the lower hood latch hook.


Loosen the cap screws at the hood and radiator support, the holes are slotted. Close and latch hood, then raise hood and tighten cap screws. Refer to pictures:

Solution Steps

Loosen the screws that connect the middle hood support to the front hood support.

The slotted holes give way to adjust the hood backward and forward (loosen the screws, latch the hood closed, open the hood and tighten the screws).

Loosen all four screws on the inner hood support, push or pull the hood forward or backward until it latches and tighten the screws.

Affected Equipment
6215 Tractor      6415 Tractor   
6715 Tractor      6220 Tractor   
6320 Tractor      6420 Tractor   
7220 Tractor      7320 Tractor   
7420 Tractor      7520 Tractor   

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