Configuring Tractor for GPS/Radar
Operator would like to use GPS ground speed signal as the true ground speed signal.


Situation or Problem

The operator wants to use the speed signal from the GreenStar™ system for true ground speed. This speed signal can be used as the radar signal, if the tractor is not equipped with radar.

Solution Steps

Tractors equipped with radar must be re-configured when switching to GPS receiver as the true ground speed input signal.

To configure tractor:

  1. Remove screw (A) and CommandCenter (B).
  2. Inside right-hand console locate one wire lead marked "GPS" and one marked "Radar".
  3. Remove radar plug (C) from wiring connector (E).
  4. Remove GPS plug (D) from dust cap (F).
  5. Install GPS plug into connector and radar plug into dust cap.
  6. Install CommandCenter™with previously removed screw.

Tractors not equipped with radar, but wanting to add a GPS signal require two controller addresses to be changed. Contact your John Deere dealer and reference Dealer Technical Assistance Center (DTAC) Solution 78614.

Note: GPS radar is not recommended for use with AutoLoad™ equipped tractors.

Affected Equipment
7630 Tractor      7730 Tractor   
7830 Tractor      7930 Tractor   
8130 Tractor      8230 Tractor   
8330 Tractor      8430 Tractor   
8530 Tractor      8230T Tractor   
8330T Tractor      8430T Tractor   
9230 Tractor      9330 Tractor   
9430 Tractor      9530 Tractor   
9630 Tractor      9430T Tractor   
9530T Tractor      9630T Tractor   

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