Is there an ashtray available for the right-hand console?
An ashtray is available for 6030, 6030 Premium, 7030 and 7030 Premium Series Cab Tractors.



Tractor did not have an ashtray installed.


An ashtray is offered with a hinged lid made of non-flammable materials. The design conforms to the requirements of the accustomed John Deere design. Installation is easy because the ashtray fits into the existing recess.

Order AL164673 ashtray and or L156260 storage compartment from your John Deere dealer.

Affected Equipment
6230 Tractor      6330 Tractor   
6430 Tractor      6230 Premium Tractor   
6330 Premium Tractor      6430 Premium Tractor   
7130 Tractor      7230 Tractor   
7330 Tractor      7130 Premium Tractor   
7230 Premium Tractor      7330 Premium Tractor   
7430 Premium Tractor      7530 Premium Tractor   

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