What is the drawbar load capacity of 9000, 9020 and 9030 Series Wheel and Track Tractors?


Some of the more recent drawn equipment has high tongue weights. When pulling this equipment the vertical loads can increase dramatically.

Situation or Problem

Need to know the weight limitations of current drawbars and if it can be increased.


Maximum static vertical load on standard drawbar equipment should not exceed 4,500 lb. (2,043 kg.).

Solution Steps

9000, 9020 and 9030 Series Wheel Tractors:

Your local John Deere Dealer has an available kit to increase this capacity to 9,000 lb. (4,082 kg.) in the long drawbar position or 11,000 lb. (4,990 kg.) in the short drawbar position. Reference kits RE275923 or RE275924 for the proper kit for your tractor.

9000T, 9020T and 9030T Series Track Tractors:

Your local John Deere Dealer has access to service parts to increase this capacity to 7,500 lb. (3,402 kg.) for vehicles with the standard drawbar support and the wide-swing drawbar support or 11,000 lb. (4,990 kg.) for vehicles with the heavy-duty drawbar support. Reference RE228013 or RE228014 and contact your local John Deere dealer for a parts listing (refer to Dealer Technical Assistance Center-DTAC Solution: 64262).

Affected Equipment
9100 Tractor      9200 Tractor   
9300 Tractor      9400 Tractor   
9120 Tractor      9220 Tractor   
9320 Tractor      9420 Tractor   
9520 Tractor      9620 Tractor   
9300T Tractor      9400T Tractor   
9320T Tractor      9420T Tractor   
9520T Tractor      9620T Tractor   
9430T Tractor      9530T Tractor   
9630T Tractor   

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