Differential lock slips or does not seem to engage

Differential lock does not engage or slips.

Situation or Problem
If differential lock is not operated for a period of time, the sealing rings may take a "set" and leak internally.

Solution Steps

  • Operate tractor with the differential lock engaged for an extended period of time.
  • Drive tractor down an unfrequented road 5 to 10 miles with differential lock engaged with the oil temperature above 55°C (130°F) this will normally seat differential lock sealing rings.
  • Verify results by checking to see if the differential lock functions normally in the field.

Caution: Steering is limited with diff-lock engaged; determine appropriate speed for driving with the differential lock engaged.  

If the differential lock does not work properly after driving the tractor with the differential lock engaged, consult your local John Deere dealer for additional assistance. 

Affected Equipment
9100 Tractor      9200 Tractor   
9300 Tractor      9400 Tractor   
9120 Tractor      9220 Tractor   
9320 Tractor      9420 Tractor   
9520 Tractor      9620 Tractor   
9230 Tractor      9330 Tractor   
9430 Tractor   

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