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Front Duals on MFWD Tractor
Steering is Difficult

Tractor won't steer after installing dual wheels/tires on front axle of MFWD tractor.

Situation or Problem
Steering capacity of tractor may be exceeded by installation of dual wheels/tires on front of axle of tractor. Tractor is not designed to be used with dual wheels/tires.

Do not attempt to install dual wheels/tires on tractors equipped with MFWD.

Affected Equipment
8100 Tractor      8200 Tractor   
8300 Tractor      8400 Tractor   
8110 Tractor      8210 Tractor   
8310 Tractor      8410 Tractor   
8120 Tractor      8220 Tractor   
8320 Tractor      8420 Tractor   

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