Are dual tires allowed on Mechanical Front Wheel Drive (MFWD) tractors?
Dual tires should not be installed on MFWD axle equipped tractors designed for single only tire installation.



Tractor may be difficult to steer when moving at a slow speed, not moving at all, or when the engine throttle is set at a slow speed if equipped with MFWD axles and front dual tires.

Situation or Problem

Information concerning installation of dual tires on MFWD equipped tractors does not exist.

Dual front tire installation is appropriate for:
All Independent Link Suspension™ (ILS) tractors.
8030 Series Tractors equipped with 1500 Series MFWD axle.

Dual front tire installation is NOT appropriate for:
8030 Series Tractors equipped with 1300 Series MFWD axle.
8000, 8010 and 8020 Series Tractors equipped with MFWD axle.

Affected Equipment
8100 Tractor      8200 Tractor   
8300 Tractor      8400 Tractor   
8110 Tractor      8210 Tractor   
8310 Tractor      8410 Tractor   
8120 Tractor      8220 Tractor   
8320 Tractor      8420 Tractor   
8520 Tractor      8130 Tractor   
8230 Tractor      8330 Tractor   
8430 Tractor      8530 Tractor   

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