Plastic Hood And Cab Fender Maintenance And Repair

Plastic Hood / Cab Fender have water spots or white film on surface.

Situation or Problem
No information available for cleaning.

Note: Make sure surface in cleaned with soap and water before procedures below are performed.

Procedure for removing water spots and white film. Listed in the order they should be tried.
Clean plastic surface with vinegar and rinse with water.
Use John Deere TY6916 all-purpose cleaner.
Use light abrasive wax. Examples would be John Deere wax, Turtle Wax, etc.
Use John Deere AM117074 finesse kit.

Affected Equipment
8120      8120T   
8220      8220T   
8320      8320T   
8420      8420T   
8520      8520T   
9120      9220   
9320      9320T   
9420      9420T   
9520      9520T   
7220      7320   
7420      7520   

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