RADAR Erratic When Above Crop Row

Displayed ground speed is erratic when RADAR sensor is above crop row.

Situation or Problem
Tall standing crops or vegetation can interfere with RADAR signal causing ground speed measurement to be erratic. Depending on row spacing, location of factory mounted RADAR sensor may be above crop row.

RADAR sensor can be mounted in alternate location that is not above crop row. If it is necessary to fabricate a bracket it is important to maintain proper mounting height and angle of sensor for correct RADAR operation. Consider following guidelines when changing location of RE152877, RE184684, and RE206770 sensors. If RADAR sensor is moved calibrate sensor per Operator’s Manual instructions.

Install RADAR sensor:

18-30 inches from ground (lower is better but sensor should not be mounted lower than 18 inches or at lowest point under tractor)
As close to centerline of tractor as possible
Pointing straight forward or aft (may be offset slightly as required) in relation to tractor
With lens at 45 degree angle to ground
Away from rotating shafts, tires etc. (in front, to sides, and behind)

Affected Equipment
8100      8200   
8300      8400   
8100T      8200T   
8300T      8400T   
8110      8210   
8310      8410   
8110T      8210T   
8310T      8410T   
8120      8220   
8320      8420   
8520      8120T   
8220T      8320T   
8420T      8520T   

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