7020 Series Tractors Fuel System Bleed

Tractor will not start after changing fuel filter.

Every time the fuel system has been opened up for service (lines disconnected or fuel filter removed), it will be necessary to bleed air from the fuel system.

This fuel system can only be bled by the electronic fuel pump.

Solution Steps

The bleed is automatically performed by a small orifice (A) inside the filter base, connected to the overflow valve (B) on the injection pump. This system allows air to escape continually through the fuel return line (C) when ignition is ON.

  1. Turn key switch to RUN position so fuel pump is operating.
  2. Allow 40 seconds for pump to complete priming.

Affected Equipment
7220 Tractor       7320 Tractor    
7420 Tractor       7520 Tractor    

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