Hydraulic hose identification

When connecting equipment with several hydraulic hoses to the tractor, it can be difficult to identify which hoses are for which circuit.

Situation or Problem
The implement hoses are not marked or identified properly to allow easy hook up to the tractor.

A hose identification kit would make hydraulic hook up more convenient.

Solution Steps

There are two hose identification kits available for customer purchase. The kit includes several multi-colored tie bands (i.e. zip ties or tie straps).

Hose Identification Kit (P/N AA50028) includes: Fold Pressure (green), Fold Return (yellow), Lift Pressure (blue), Lift Return (red), Marker Pressure (orange), Marker Return (violet).

Hose Identification Kit (P/N AA61283) includes: Fan Pressure (black), Fan Return (black), and Fan Case Drain (yellow).

Affected Equipment
1810 Air Seeder      1820 Air Seeder   
1830 Air Seeder      1835 Air Seeder   
1840 Air Seeder      1690CCS Air Seeder   
1890 Air Seeder      1890CCS Air Seeder   
1895 Air Seeder      1990CCS Air Seeder   
1910 Air Cart      1900 Air Cart   

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