Pick-up Slip Clutch Won't Slip or Slips Above Specified Torque

Pick-up Slip Clutch Won't Slip or Slips at Too High of Torque

Situation or Problem
1. The operator's manual incorrectly states the lubrication procedure for the pick up slip clutch.

2. The slip clutch has been over greased and has become "hydraulically locked".

Solution Steps

The radial pin slip clutch for the pick up should only be lubricated once every 50 hours with two shots from a hand grease gun. If the slip clutch has not slipped within this interval, the interval should be extended to 100 hours.


Do not over lubricate slip clutch grease fittings or clutch may not slip. Apply only two shots per grease fitting. Use hand grease gun only to lubricate slip clutch fittings.

If the slip clutch has already been over greased and will not slip, see your John Deere dealer.

Affected Equipment
466      566   
467      567   

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