How can I prevent my SPFH rotary screen from plugging?

The rear rotary air screen becomes plugged with sticky crop residue and requires frequent cleaning.

Situation or Problem
The machine does not have a device to clean the residue from the screen. The vacuum system cannot remove the sticky material.

Solution Steps

Introducing the Rotary Screen Brush Kit

A rotary brush is now available for field installation. This brush attaches to the outside of the rotary screen. As the screen rotates, the sticky material is pushed to the inside where a rigid channel directs it into the vacuum system. This brush works with either the standard or wide mesh rotary screen.

The rotary brush kit bundle is available through complete goods - order BZ13359. The kit includes installation instructions and all the parts to fit the brush onto the machine.

The brush will not attach to 6610, 6710, or 6650 models, as the vacuum duct is on the opposite side of the screen. There is not sufficient material in the rotary screen door for installation.

Introducing a Wide Mesh Rotary Screen

A wide mesh rotary screen is available to increase air flow in the machine. The wide mesh screen has 11 wires per square inch compared to the standard screen's 18 wires per square inch.

The wide mesh screen will allow more air flow, and it will decrease the foreign material build-up on the rear rotary screen.

The wide mesh screen is recommended for use in black, dusty corn conditions. It is not recommended for use in grass or alfalfa when using direct rear loading wagons or trailers.

The wide mesh screen can be ordered on a new machine by ordering code 6075. It is also available through parts -AZ59143.

The wide mesh screen can be used on the 6610, 6650, 6710, 6750, 6810, 6850, 6910, and 6950 SPFH machines.

Affected Equipment
6810      6910   
6750      6850   

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