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Using Liquid Ballast in Tires
Liquid Weight for Tires

Situation or Problem
Proper ballasting is an important factor in tractor performance. Match the type and amount of ballast needed for each job. Various ballast types are listed in the Operator's Guide. Use no more ballast than necessary, and remove ballast when it is no longer needed.

CAUTION: Installing liquid ballast requires special equipment and training. Have the job done by your John Deere dealer or a tire service store.

IMPORTANT: NEVER fill tire to more than 90% full.

A solution of water and calcium chloride provides safe economical ballast and prevents water from freezing. A mixture of 0.4 kg of calcium chloride per liter (3.5 lb per gal) will not freeze solid above -45 degrees C (-50 degrees F).

Solution Steps

Fill tubeless tires slightly above valve level (minimum 75% full). Tube-type tires may be filled to any level below 90%.

Charts show how much each tire size holds if filled to 75% full.

Charts show solution of 0.6 kg of calcium chloride per liter of water (5 lb per gal).

Affected Equipment
5225 Utility Tractor      5325 Utility Tractor   
5425 Utility Tractor      5525 Utility Tractor   
5625 Utility Tractor   

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