Front End Noise
Gear backlash causes noise on 5000 series tractors



5000 series tractors with the 3 cylinder, 2.9L engine are assembled with spur cut gears in the front drive train.  Spur cut gears are made with a backlash tolerance, which allows them to be slightly loose.


When the gears turn under a "no load" condition, the backlash will cause them to clank together.  This is normal.  When a hydraulic function is activated, a load will be transmitted across the gears and the noise should be eliminated. 

The noise will be more pronounced at low engine speed.  Proper engine idle speed should be 
800-850 RPM.  If your engine runs slower at the lowest throttle setting, alert your John Deere dealer at the next service interval for an adjustment.

Affected Equipment
5103 Tractor      5105 Tractor   
5200 Tractor      5203 Tractor   
5205 Tractor      5210 Tractor   
5220 Tractor      5300 Tractor   
5303 Tractor      5310 Tractor   
5310N Narrow Tractor      5320 Tractor   
5320N Narrow Tractor       5400 Tractor   
5403 Tractor   

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