T-TapeDrip Tape

Features & Specs

  • Turbulent-flow dripper technology provides a high level of flow rate uniformity
  • White stripe with product information for easier installation and storage
  • Self-closing slit outlet (ideal for SDI systems)
  • Install on the ground, under opaque plastic, or even subsurface
Diameters16-22 mm
Wall Thickness5-6-7-8-10-15 mil
Dripper Spacings10-15-20-30-40-50 cm
Flow Rates125-1350 l/h-100 m

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    T-Tape Drip Tape

    T-Tape Drip Tape

    One of the most recognized and trusted drip tape brands in the world, T-Tape Drip Tape is used in a variety of crops around the world to help reduce water consumption, increase crop quality, and increase crop yields. T-Tape Drip Tape can be installed on the ground, under plastic, or even subsurface. Because of T-Tape’s material strength, design, and quality production standards, it’s the drip tape that you can count on year after year.

    T-Tape is available in a wide assortment of configurations, including various lengths, wall thickness, emitter spacings and flow rates. Helping growers match individual growing situations with maximum yield benefits.


    Suggested Use of  T-Tape Drip Tape

    5/8" (5 mil): Short season crops in medium tilled soils that contain slight residue from a previous crop. Beneficial for crops such as strawberries, melons and onions.

    5/8" (6 mil): Minimum tilled soils, double cropping, medium textured soils or where rocks or previous crop residue is a factor. Commonly used in tomatoes, peppers, melons and strawberries.

    5/8" and 7/8" (8 mil): Minimum tilled soils, double cropping, heavier tilled soils, or where more resistance to abrasion and insect damage is desired. Used in peppers, tomatoes, melons and vegetable crops.

    5/8" and 7/8" (10 mil): Heavy or rocky soil, where insects are a problem, where it is to be moved or reused for multiple seasons.

    5/8" and 7/8" (15 mil): Heavier soil or soils presenting rougher terrain where insects are a stronger threat, even small animals. Used in sugarcane, asparagus and SDI applications. T-Tape is the solution to the challenges faced by growers. T-Tape was developed to meet the individual grower's needs.


    T-Tape Drip-Tape Specifications

    View detailed information in the specifications sheet

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