Performance Calculator

The data used for this calculator was collected during 2600 hrs with a 7750i working in several countries, conditions and crops. The machine was followed all the time by the university of independent science, Cologne and the magazine Profi. During this time the machine was working in different yields, different logistics, field sizes and length of Cut. The data pool of several thousand data points was then clustered and analyzed. The calculator can now give a realistic figure on performance, fuel consumption and savings depending on the logistics, field size, yield, LOC and the chosen machine size. The results can help the user to optimize his cost structure and to minimize losses due to the wrong size of the machine or the wrong combination out of all.

Silage Quality Calculator

Farmers and contractors are forced to optimize their cost structure as an ongoing process of optimization. Current modern John Deere forage harvesters offer unique technologies, that help to significantly improve the forage quality of their end users. The HarvestLab system, which is the only certified moisture measurement system in the industry, gives additional value to the farmer not only for starch and moisture. It can also measure NDF, ADF and protein. However, savings calculated on the basis of choosing the right variation and @ the right moisture level, give a very good first indication, how much savings potential such a system can give to the customer.

The same counts for the unique Disc Processor “KernelStar”. Based on the experience of several nutritionists and the support from Dr. Dave Mertens, the value of KernelCracking became not only visible, it was for the first time also possible to recalculate this into € savings. Based on this, there´s no doubt that the investment into KernelStar is more than worth its money, as you can reach a CSPS of above 90% with the unique John Deere KernelStar technology. This results in savings based on the amount of corn you harvest and on the intensity you process.

The calculator therefore is a guideline for all customers to find the right spec for their SPFH and allows contractors to show the real value of providing such services to their dairy and Biogas customers.