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The John Deere Advantages

The John Deere Advantages: Tried + Tested

Diesel oxidation catalyst/Diesel particulate filter John Deere Power Systems is one of the few manufacturers worldwide that builds engines exclusively for off-highway applications. This specialisation has given John Deere unparalleled experience in developing engines rugged enough to withstand the extreme vibration, temperatures and duty cycles found in off-highway conditions. And because we design both, the engines as well as our own construction, forestry and agricultural machines, we have significant expertise in integrating the engine, drivetrain, cooling package and controls for optimised performance, efficiency and cost control.

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John Deere was the first manufacturer to incorporate a cooled EGR system with a VGT for off-highway use. The new exhaust filter was likewise designed specifically to meet the high demands of off-highway applications and is utilized already thousands and thousands times in the premium car industry. The exhaust filter also has the benefit of replacing the muffler in most applications.

No urea. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) solutions inject liquid urea into the exhaust stream to reduce nitrogen oxides. This requires that the vehicle be fitted with a separate tank, a sophisticated urea injection system, and a tamper-proof diagnostic system. Since urea freezes, heating systems for the tank and delivery lines are also required.

More efficient
The current Stage III A John Deere PowerTech engines already achieved excellent fuel economy with the innovative GreenEfficiency technology. They also optimized cold-weather starting, transient response time, extra power, peak torque, and low-speed torque. The Stage III B PowerTech engines further improve on this robust performance and fuel economy.

At John Deere, we design, build, and service the engine and other vehicle systems to maximise performance, convenience, fuel economy, and overall value. Plus, John Deere offers a full array of precision Ag Management Solutions that complement our machines, letting you operate more efficiently and more comfortably. You can count on all the components working together because they were designed in tandem, and are backed by a company with more than 170 years of experience in helping their owners succeed.

Unpralleled customer support
With more than 1,800 service locations throughout Europe, you’re never far away from expert assistance and advice. And with centralised parts warehouses throughout Europe, spare parts are always close at hand, as well. In addition, John Deere service personnel are highly trained technicians who stay on top of evolving engine technologies and service techniques.