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5RN Series

Now you can enjoy all the advantages of our 5R Series tractor in a new slender size. The 5RN gives you the roomy comfort, power and versatility of a premium tractor inside. But thanks to the narrow fenders and fuel tank, plus the inboard ladder and repositioned lights, it´s slim on the outside. The narrow dimensions of the 5RN series tractors allows working in specialty applications and rows down to a width of 2.5 m.

5 Series Tractors: 5RN hand rail and rear fender Hand rail and rear fender
Compared to the 5R, the hand rail on the 5RN is closer to the cab and the rear fenders are cut. To maintain its narrow profile, no rear fender extensions are available for the 5RN series tractors.

5 Series Tractors: 5RN foot steps Foot steps
The foot steps on the 5RN are mounted in a more acute angle compared to the 5R.

5 Series Tractors: 5RN fuel tank Fuel tank
The fuel tank of the 5RN is also very narrow to provide a small overall width. The fuel capacity is 114 l.

5 Series Tractors: 5RN hubHub of the front axle
The hub-to-hub width with of the front axle is 1862 mm - the broadest part of the 5RN tractor.