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  • CommandCenter display with GreenStar 3, supporting AMS features
  • AirCushion Suspension System
  • JDLink Telematics
  • Powerful and efficient PowerTech PSX 9.0 L engine
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Rated with IPM (97/68EC)291kW (395hp)
Engine Torque @1600rpm1686 Nm
Maximum hydraulic flow227 l/min (Option)
Maximum lift capacity11,869 kg
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    8360RT Tractor
    Start earlier – and work later – in fields that are too wet, muddy or sloped for a wheeled tractor. The new 8360RT gives you more performance and comfort than ever and with less soil compaction. Plus – enjoy the comfort of the AutoPowr transmission.

    The unique AirCushion Suspension System enables you to work faster and more comfortably in rough terrain. The whole system is automatic, and requires no operator adjustment.
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