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Features & Specs

  • Air cushion suspension for comfort and versatility
  • Optional LED lighting with 40% greater width and 10% greater rear coverage
  • John Deere Telematics and John Deere Remote Display Access (Option)
  • 9.0 l “DieselOnly” PowerTech PSX engine
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Rated with IPM (97/68EC)279 kw (380 hp)
Engine Torque @1600rpm1615 Nm
Maximum Hydraulic Flow227.1 l/min (Optional)
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    Boggy fields, deep mud and steep inclines can pose to a tough challenge for even the most powerful wheeled tractor. You need a tracked solution.


    The new John Deere 8345RT is the answer. It gives you more performance and comfort than ever. The massive undercarriage puts more power to the ground, while the tracks means less soil compaction. The ride comfort with our exclusive AirCushion is great but what really makes a difference is John Deere AutoPowr infinitely variable transmission (IVT).


    The John Deere 8345RT delivers consistent performance at reduced engine speeds and operation speeds from 0.05 to 42 km/h with the AutoPower transmission. Thanks to the AirCushion suspension it’s a comfortable ride all the way up to the 42 km/h road speed, so you can cover more ground and do more work in less time.