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Features & Specs

  • Active dampening cab suspension (HCS+) as Option
  • Optional LED lighting with 40% greater width and 10% greater rear coverage
  • John Deere Telematics and John Deere Remote Display Access (Option)
  • 9.0 l “DieselOnly” PowerTech PSX engine
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Rated with IPM (97/68EC)240 kw (327 hp)
Engine Torque @1600rpm1381 Nm
Maximum Hydraulic Flow321 l/min (Optional)
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    To get the job done at a reduced cost of operation, you don’t only need power. You also need intelligent solutions. The John Deere 8295R is equipped with powerful John Deere engines for demanding draft applications. The dual turbo-charged 9.0 L PowerTech PSX engine unleashes up to 327 hp with IPM at rated speed and up to max. 332 hp with Intelligent Power Management.


    Operator well-being is also a major factor affecting your farm’s performance and efficiency. John Deere exclusive ActiveCommand Steering reduces steering effort to prevent operator fatigue. Variable Ratio Steering provides light, agile steering at slower speeds and heavier steering for higher speeds. Try it – you will find the direct response steering as easy as a car, even when pulling heavy implements.

    The 8295R also features powerful primary and secondary braking as standard: braking in the field during a turn can be accomplished with light pedal effort.