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7R Series


Whatever the tasks in hand, on the field or on the road are, your new John Deere 7R Series tractor will exceed your expectations for performance, uptime and cost of operations. We’ve given the 7R Series more power and introduced new standard features and options to deliver maximum return on your investment - Performance at a lower operating cost, wherever the job takes you:

7R new fluid efficiency record

7R sets a new fluid efficiency record

The John Deere 7310R set a new fluid efficiency record with an average of only 258* g/kWh total fluid consumption across all Powermix field cycles among high horsepower iT4 and FT4 tractors.

Generation 4 CommandCenter

Generation 4 CommandCenter

John Deere places more power at your fingertips with our intuitive new CommandCenters. Select the 4100 CommandCenter with its 7” display or the 4600 CommandCenter with a 10” display. They function just like a tablet with touch-screens: navigating through the options is simplified via menus, shortcuts and with context-sensitive help.

John Deere Remote Display Access

John Deere Remote Display Access

John Deere Remote Display Access takes remote support to a new level. Using the JDLink infrastructure it enables farm managers and dealers to remotely assist operators in the setup, adjustment and operation of your new 7R. It is almost as if you are in the cab.

e23 transmission with Efficiency Manager

e23 transmission with Efficiency Manager

e23 is a unique field-proven and economical transmission solution with 23 forward and 11 reverse speeds for smooth shifting, e23 transmission maximises efficiency and productivity in all conditions and for all applications. It combines all the benefits of a mechanical transmission with the ease of use of an AutoPowr.




Ultimate Edition

7R Series tractorUltimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition of our 7R Series tractors offers you all the power and specifications you need – fuelling your success as a contractor or farmer. Click the five ultimate benefits to find out more.

Ultimate Pull

Ultimate Pull

Endless pulling power with low fuel consumption.

John Deere PowerTech engines with 6.8 L or 9.0 L displacement and rated power outputs with IPM of between 240 hp (176.5 kW) and 341 hp (250.8 kW) offer unmatched performance, massive torque and the utmost stability.

In addition, you can choose from operator-friendly and super-efficient transmission options:
  • The easy-to-control, single-lever AutoPowr transmission is infinitely variable in all speed ranges.
  • The fully automatic e23 PowerShift Transmission with Efficiency Manager boasts 23 forward and 11 reverse gears. Its purely mechanical design guarantees optimum power transmission and maximum efficiency.

Whichever option you go for, you`ll always benefit from exemplary fuel consumption.


Fuel comparison
Significantly more economical in the DLG PowerMix test.

The DLG PowerMix test showed that the fuel consumption of the 7290R was up to 13% below the average for all tractors tested (Profi 10/2014, Powermix Transport).

Ultimate Comfort

Ultimate Comfort

Lean back and watch it perform.

TLS suspension
Operators of the John Deere ULTIMATE Edition can rest assured that they’re sitting in the most comfortable cab on the market (Profi 10/2014). It’s super-spacious, unbelievably quiet and sports all the trimmings of a luxury car – proving that sometimes even hard work can be fun.

The PROFI magazine agrees one hundred percent:
“Without doubt, the 7R cab is setting a benchmark in the world of tractors – not just because of its size and sensational noise levels of only 69.9 decibels but also in terms of material quality, finish and ergonomics.”
PROFI tractor test 10/2014

Ultimate driving performance thanks to perfect suspension.

  • The active damping of the adaptive HCS Plus cab suspension anticipates load changes and braking manoeuvres and ensures a smoother ride.
  • The TLS Plus front axle suspension automatically adapts to changing load and traction conditions and improves pulling power by up to 7%.

Bright in the night with 22 LED headlights.

22 LED headlights give you spot-on 360° illumination, with 40% more lateral vision and 10% brighter light at the rear.

Precise automatic steering: AutoTrac assisted steering.

Whether you’re ploughing on straight ahead or `going round the bend’, the AutoTrac assisted steering system keeps you on track, so you can keep on working even when visibility is poor. In addition, it minimizes skipping and overlap – allowing you to cut your seed, fertilizer and fuel costs.

Ultimate Control

Ultimate Control

Perfect operation and highest accuracy

Tap and swipe – the 10" touchscreen of the fourth-generation Command Center is so intuitive, it’s like using a tablet. The screen also lets you control ISOBUS-compatible implements and controllers with total ease.

Freely configurable multi-functional joystick.

Multi-functional Joystick
Hydraulic functions and changing gears – thanks to the freely configurable multi-functional joystick, the operator has absolutely everything under control. Extremely easy to configure and operate, it noticeably boosts productivity.

Remote display access for rapid support.

If you have any questions or need help from your John Deere dealer, simply give them authorisation to remotely access your display, and you’ll be brought up to speed before you know it. This saves valuable time and maximizes availability.

Ultimate Uptime

Ultimate Uptime

World-class quality and reliability.

If there’s one thing you can always bank on, it’s that John Deere tractors go with you through thick and thin. That’s thanks to a number of factors:
  • John Deere’s quality assurance and production system ensures quality not only stays good, but continually improves.
  • No-compromise testing during all stages of development – using mud basins, cold chambers and wind tunnels.
  • Customer involvement right from the development stage and dialogue about experiences in the field.


FarmSight Services – greater insight, greater profitability.

Remote Service
Our FarmSight Service Packages, with round-the-clock remote monitoring and pre-scheduled maintenance of your tractors by your local John Deere dealer, let you work more efficiently than ever before. If you give your authorisation, your John Deere partner can remotely monitor the condition and performance data of your tractors 24/7 to give you the best service possible. This helps you keep your operating costs in check by means of proactive maintenance, reduce unnecessary downtimes and fuel consumption, increase productivity and optimize your fleet management.

Rapid delivery of spare parts.

  • The John Deere quality of the parts specially developed for your tractors ensures longevity, cuts maintenance costs and increases resale value.
  • No-compromise testing during all stages of development – using mud basins, cold chambers and wind tunnels.
  • Our global logistics network gets you the spare parts you need in next to no time.

Ultimate Servicing

Ultimate Servicing

Minimal effort, rock-bottom costs.

Our tractors make life easy when it comes to service and maintenance, which not only saves you time but also lots of money:
  • Engine oil change intervals of up to 750 hrs.
  • Hydraulic oil change interval of 1,500 hrs.
  • Intake, cab and recirculating air filters can be checked and changed without any tools.
  • Maintenance-free diesel particulate filters – designed to last the entire lifetime of the vehicle.

Comprehensive PowerGard service packages

With John Deere’s PowerGard Protection Plan covering maintenance and repairs, you keep your operating costs under control and can optimize your machines’ performance to boot. You can choose between three flexible options that cover anything from scheduled maintenance work to repair costs for all key tractor components.

ServiceADVISOR Remote diagnostic system.

With your permission, your John Deere dealer is able to read out the condition and performance data of your tractors from the comfort of their own workshop, ensuring they are immediately informed of any automatic servicing or maintenance messages issued by the vehicle management system. This allows them to carry out remote diagnostics without delay, and even install software updates.


*Four SCVs maximum in combination with the right-hand console.
*Available in selected countries