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Features & Specs

  • CommandView III Cab with 7” or 10” touchscreen and optional hydraulic joystick
  • Connectivity Inside - The best technologies currently available on the market in one package
  • Optional LED lighting with 40% greater width and 10% greater rear coverage
  • 6.8 l PowerTech PSS engine
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Rated with IPM (97/68EC)191.2 kw (260 hp)
Max with IPM (97/68C)198.1 (269 hp)
Engine Torque @16001077 Nm
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    7230R Tractor


    7230R Tractor – Strong. Efficient. Quite.

    Your John Deere 7230R tractor will exceed your expectations for performance, uptime and cost of operation. It´s the ideal solution for a broad range of tillage, heavy draft or transport applications.

    • Compatible with a large range of implements
    • Wider hitch rails
    • Rear hitch lift capacity 7300kg as standard (9208 kg as an option)
    • Front hitch lift capacity 5200kg
    • Enhanced 1000 rpm Eco PTO reduces the cost of field operations
    • Additional power for non-stationary PTO and transport applications
    • Up to six independent rear SCV's and up to two independent front SCV's





    *Four SCVs maximum in combination with the right-hand console.
    *Available in selected countries