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Features & Specs

  • John Deere Telematics and John Deere Remote Display Access (Option)
  • Generation 4 CommandCenter with 7” or 10” touchscreen
  • Optional LED lighting with 40% greater width and 10% greater rear coverage
  • 6.8 l “DieselOnly” PowerTech PSX engine
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Rated with IPM (97/68EC)191.2 kw (260 hp)
Engine Torque @1600rpm1077 Nm
Maximum Hydraulic Flow223.3 l/min (Optional)
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    7230R Tractors


    7230R Tractor

    The 7230R tractor is a power-dense Stage III B-compliant tractor with long wheelbase and short length, giving you manoeuvrability and strength for a broad range of applications. The engine delivers uncompromising performance, outstanding fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions using DieselOnly technology, which means maximum convenience and rock bottom fluid costs.

    The 7230R delivers all the hitch-lift capacity you need to handle any attachment including large and wide implements. It is also the bright choice for working the night shift, fitted with the latest John Deere 360° LEDs to deliver higher quality light with less power consumption than conventional sealed beam bulbs.





    *Four SCVs maximum in combination with the right-hand console.
    *Available in selected countries