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John Deere 6R Series Tractors

John Deere 6R Series Tractors
Like any true athlete, our new 6R tractors have the capability to perform successfully, even in conditions that are far from ideal. They are engineered to meet the diverse challenges provided by terrain, prevailing conditions and operational windows.

There are many reasons for choosing a 6R tractor: state-of-the-art, integrated technologies, exceptional all-round visibility, user-friendly control interfaces and the new generation CommandArm. And now, to comply with demanding Stage IV requirements, we’ve refined the industry’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) system to meet our own stringent standards. That’s typical of the John Deere philosophy to exceed your expectations on all fronts.




Editions and Connectivity


Editions and Connectivity

When confronted with so much choice, configuring your tractor can be a daunting task. So we’ve made it easier.

John Deere 6R Series tractors are now available in three attractively priced editions: Select, Premium and Ultimate. Each is pre-configured with a selection of components and features that will satisfy the requirements of many owners and operators. In addition, we offer two Connectivity Packages for all 6R tractors.


Description Select Premium Ultimate
 AutoQuad versions
 DirectDrive versions (6145R - 6215R)
 AutoPowr versions (in base for 6230R
 and 6250R)
●/○ ●/○
 Standard seat
 Premium seat
 Ultimate seat (6230R and 6250R only)
 Cab Suspension
 4100 CommandCenter
 4600 CommandCenter
 Select light package
 Premium light package
 Ultimate light package
 iTEC headland management system
 Wide angle mirrors
 Cooling compartment
 Climate control
 Standard - radio
 Premium - radio
 ISOBUS Ready (In base for 6145R -  6250R) ●/○
 Hydraulic pump 80l/min
(6110R - 6155R)
 Hydraulic pump 114l/min (6175R - 6215R)
(6110R - 6155R)
(6110R - 6215R) (6110R - 6155R)
 Hydraulic pump 155l/min* (6230R - 6250R)
(6175R - 6215R)
(6175R - 6250R)
 3 mechanical SCVs – Premium
 4 mechanical SCVs – Premium
 3 electrical SCVs – Premium
 4 to 6 electrical SCVs – Premium
 Fender controls for 3rd electrial SCV
 Power beyond preparation (rear)
 Lift link adjustment LH & RH
 Additional oil reservoir

● Standard   Optional   – Not available

Editions can be modified by John Deere without previous notification. Please check with your John Deere dealer for the latest editions.

Connectivity Packages*

Description    Premium       Ultimate   
 AutoTrac Ready
 Tractor Implement Automation
 4600 CommandCenter 
 CommandCenter AutoTrac Activation
 CommandCenter Premium Activation
 JDLink Access*
 JDLink Connect*
 MyJobConnect (MyJobs / MyJobs Manager)
 StarFire 6000 – SF1
 StarFire 6000 – SF3

● Standard   Optional   – Not available

* Elements of the Connectivity Packages are a limited promotional offer and include time based subscriptions. Be aware that some of the Connectivity Package as well as elements could not be available in all regions. Please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability.

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