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HD 200Sprayer


  • Integrated triple nozzle bodies
  • Breakaway booms
  • Easy leveling
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    HD 200 Sprayer


    Sprayer: HD200 Sprayer form John Deere

    Features & Benefits

    • 200-gallon (757 L) configuration

    • Hydraulically driven Centrifugal pump

      Available in either cast iron or stainless steel for abrasive chemicals

      Requires minimal maintenance

      LifeGuard seal insures increased pump life even when pump has been run dry

      Rated at 105 gpm (397 L/min) and 92-94 psi (634.3 – 648.1 kPa)
    • Throttle valve kit maintains system pressure as individual booms are turned off and on, saving on chemical costs
    • Quick fill feature that allows operator to fill tank anywhere it can be attached to a clean water source
    • Booms equipped with bi-directional breakaway feature that lift vertically as they break away
    • Standard self-cleaning strainer reduces clogging at the strainer caused by the use of wettable powders
    • Jet agitation system provides excellent mixing of chemical solutions

    • ARC (Automatic Rate Control) 6000 keeps application rates the same regardless of ground speed

      A simple distance and flow calibration during initial setup means that no matter if you speed up or slow down, your application rate remains consistent
    • The sprayer tank is marked in graduated units and provides a low center of gravity for excellent visibility
    • A personal wash system is standard
    • A low pressure warning buzzer alerts you that the sprayer is running low on chemical, allowing the operator to shut the pump off in a timely manner

    Key Options

    • 18 ft (5.5 m) or 15/21 ft (4.6/6.4 m) Spray Boom
    • Manual Control or Auto Rate Control (ARC6000)
    • Electric Foam Marker
    • Rinse Kit
    • Ground Plane Wheels
    • Electric Boom Lift
    • Manual or Electric Hose Reel and Spraygun
    • Spraygun Hose Holder
    • Throttle / Governor Control Kit
    • Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump
    • Throttling Valve Kit

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