Tango E5

Features & Specs

  • Fully autonomous mowing
  • Operates in any weather at any time
  • Extremely quiet
  • No grass clipping disposal required
BatteryLi-Ion technology
NavigationBoundary wire
Cutting Height19 – 102mm
Recommended Mowing AreaUp to 1800

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Welcome to the world of autonomous mowing – a modern, hassle free solution that saves you time and delivers a perfectly maintained lawn.

The TANGO E5 is designed to maintain your lawn automatically meaning you can enjoy the more important aspects of life. Designed, innovated and built by John Deere to its highest manufacturing standards, the TANGO E5 autonomous mower sets a new bench mark in lawn maintenance.

All of these benefits are delivered to you as a complete solution through the John Deere dealer network of specialised TANGO dealers. Simply make contact with your local specialist* and let them do everything else for you.

No grass clippings to dispose of: the TANGO recycles them helping to keep lawns healthy the natural way


Operator Manual

Download of the Operator Manual matching your mower Software

Software 2.7

Hardware 2013, Software 3.0.1

Software 4.1



Our competent and professional John Deere Dealer will be happy to set up your TANGO E5 on your property, corresponding to the requirements of your lawn and they will service the equipment to ensure that it will function for many long years without any problems.

Function / Performance

What size of lawn is the TANGO E5 best suited for?

It is ideal for areas of up to 1,800 square meters. Objects or sections of the yard, such as flower beds, can be excluded using the limiting wire. Using a wire sensor, the TANGO E5 avoids them by automatically going around any obstacles outside of its limits ("excluded obstacles"). The mowable area depends on the complexity of the yard. The more complex the yard (lots of exclusions, steep inclines and fragmented yard layouts), the higher the energy consumption. Your local John Deere Dealer will be at your side with advice and assistance during the setup.

What sort of yards is the TANGO E5 suited for?

In principle, the TANGO E5 can be used for any type of yard. Under certain circumstances, the equipment must be adapted slightly to the yard. Of course, the product specifications, such as the maximum possible incline and the minimum width of the mowing path, must be observed. To do this, please observe the information in the operating instructions or contact your local John Deere Dealer directly.

How long must the TANGO E5 be charged?

This John Deere automatic mower fully charges itself in 80 minutes and, depending on the complexity of the mowing program, can then be used for up to 90 minutes of yard work.

Can the TANGO E5 also be used in inclement weather?

This John Deere automatic mower can also mow in the rain without any problems. However, we recommend that you do not use the TANGO E5 in inclement weather and protect it from possible lightning strikes. You can interrupt the mowing by pressing the stop button and instantly resume mowing once the weather improves.

How narrow can the passage-ways in my yard be?

The minimum (from wall to wall) is 150cm. This ensures that the mower can reach the areas on both sides of the passage-way. Your local John Deere Dealer will be happy to assist you with programming the mowing program.

Can the TANGO E5 mow two areas of lawn that are not connected to each other?

If the areas are connected by a level path and the cable is laid accordingly, the TANGO E5 will move to the second area as programmed. If there is no path between the two work areas, it is recommended that you create a secondary area ("bordered" by the cable). In this application scenario, the TANGO E5 must be manually carried from the main area to the secondary area.

Can the TANGO E5 move into the charging station on its own when needed?

The TANGO E5 automatically returns to its charging station when the batteries are drained. It will charge itself to 100% before continuing the pre-programmed mowing program.

Will it suit my lawn?

Can the TANGO E5 also handle inclines? If so, how steep?

The TANGO E5 can handle inclines inside the work area of up to 35% (this means a height difference of 35cm over 1 meter). Along the limiting cable (the edge of the mowing area), the maximum permitted incline is 10%. This prevents the mower from slipping over the limiting cable when it reaches the edge of the lawn (for example if the grass is wet).

Can it handle more than one mowing area?

Maintaining additional mowing areas is not a problem. If they are connected by a path, the TANGO E5 will move back and forth on its own, corresponding to the programming.

How can I guide the TANGO E5 around existing flower beds and trees?

Assuming that the limiting cable has been correctly laid around flower beds, trees, shrubs or other objects, the TANGO E5 will not enter the area and thus will not damage flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. Your local John Deere Dealer will be happy to assist you with installing the limiting cable.

What do I need to do?

Does the TANGO E5 have to be supervised?

Firstly, the rule is that no people or animals should linger in the mowing area unsupervised. The TANGO E5 always carries out its mowing tasks as per the programming, thus allowing you to enjoy your leisure time away from mowing.

What happens to the cuttings?

The cuttings made by TANGO E5 are approximately the length of a small grain of rice. The cut grass remains in the small spaces between the mowed areas, acting as a natural fertilizer without causing unsightly piles of grass. The grass on the mowed area looks healthier and greener.

What is the best way to store the TANGO E5 during winter? Does the TANGO E5 require a lot of storage space?

This John Deere automatic lawnmower can be safely stored in a cellar or a frost-free garage. It takes up considerably less space than a comparable manual lawnmower. Your local John Deere Dealer will be happy to give you some recommendations for winter servicing.

What is the best location for the TANGO E5's charging station during the mowing season?

The charging station is weather-proof and can be flexibly positioned in your yard. Your local John Deere Dealer will be happy to discuss this with you and give you recommendations for an ideal position, while taking into account whether the location already has power or needs to be supplied with power.

Does the TANGO E5 have anti-theft protection?

The TANGO E5 is protected by means of a PIN code, which renders it useless to thieves.

How do I change the cutting height?

Switch the mower off and turn the TANGO E5 over so that you can see the saucer-shaped blade cap. This can be rotated slightly in order to move the blades upward or downward.

*   Tango E5 currently available in selected countries only.
** Depending on ground conditions and garden layout. Consult your dealer for a demo in your garden, verifying if the mower operates smoothly.