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X354Riding Lawn Equipment

Features & Specs

  • Deck engagement : electric
  • Twin touch foot pedals
  • Cruise control
  • 4-wheel steering
Recommended Mowing AreaUp to 8000 m²
Mower Cutting Width107 cm / 42 in
Engine Power12.2kW (at 3100rpm)
Forward SpeedUp to 8.2km/h (5,09mph)
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    John Deere X354 Lawn Tractor


    Easy, comfortable operation

    The X354 lawn tractor is part of the Select Series range. It’s easy-to-operate with Twin Touch™ transmission control pedals.The Twin Touch Hydrostatic Pedals allow you to easily control the direction and speed of travel of the tractor without having to lift your foot off the platform.

    4-wheel steering

    Standard on the X354 for outstanding manoeuvrability and easy trimming around obstacles.

    Cruise control

    This popular feature is just as useful on lawn tractors as it is on cars! To switch it on or off simply press the button.

    Modern instrument cluster

    The clear, car-style display is backlit for excellent visibility in all conditions. The overall design provides important feedback without distracting operators.