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S5000Plastic Impact Sprinkler


  • Well balanced for even water distribution
  • Non-corrosive body with a stainless steel spring
  • Low Angle Application: Orchards (under tree irrigation) and shade house
  • High Angle Application: Open fields (overhead irrigation) and germination of vegetables, flowers and nursery crops
Operating Pressure2.0 – 4.0 Bar
Flow Rates (Low Angle)2.5 bar: 375-637 Lph
Flow Rates (High Angle)2.5 bar: 390-806 Lph
Fitting ½” BSP/MPT

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S5000 Plastic Impact Sprinkler


S5000 High Angle
S5000 Low Angle

The John Deere S5000 Plastic Impact Sprinklers are engineered to work in a variety of applications including fields using overhead, full-cover irrigation and orchards using under the canopy irrigation. The S5000 Plastic Impact Sprinkler is a well-balanced sprinkler that provides an even distribution of water.

The S5000 impact sprinkler is designed with a non-corrosive body with a stainless steel spring for durability, a green cover for protection against sand and dirt, and bayonet nozzles for easy field maintenance or replacement of parts. The sprinklers are available with either one or two nozzles and outfitted with a ½" male threaded connection.


S5000 Sprinklers & Sprays Specifications

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