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Rondo Mist


  • Vortex nozzle provides a spinning flow and minimizes clogging hazards
Flow rate at 3.0 Bar47, 61 Lph
Operating Pressure2.5 – 4.0 Bar
Average Droplet Size150 microns

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Rondo Mist

Rondo Mist

Rondo Mist
The Rondo mist sprayer is ideal for irrigating during seed germination and cutting propagation. And the mist produced from both the Tornado and the Rondo mist sprayers can be used as climate control or to affect the humidity in greenhouses.

The Rondo mist sprayer produces an average droplet size of 150 microns and is suitable for inverted or upright installations. The Tornado delivers an uninterrupted 360 degree spray pattern and an average droplet size of 140 microns. Additionally, the Tornado uses a vortex flow mechanism, which reduces the possibility of clogging.

For your misting needs, look no further than the Rondo or the Tornado mist sprayers.


Rondo Mist Sprayers Specifications

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