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Features & Specs
  • 7-gauge, formed-steel frame
  • Wide, low cargo bed
  • A pro on golf courses and sports fields
  • 5 speed synchromesh transmission
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Engine type1115 cc, 3-cylinder, Diesel
Engine power24 hp
Rated capacity*1184 kg
Cargo box capacity (calculated)876 kg
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ProGator 2030A

Meet our club professional.

Only the very best lift the title – and not just in tournaments. That‘s why real professionals are needed to keep golf courses and sports fields in trim.
The ProGator utility vehicle helps you master any task that may crop up on the “sacred” turf of sports facilities and golf courses. While the power steering and tight turning radius make driving a real pleasure, the robust cargo box lets you tackle loads in the real heavyweight class. And, because flexibility is always a real advantage, the ProGator utility vehicle qualifies for a whole range of different disciplines. Test it out for yourself!

Meet our club professional

*including 90 kg operator, 90 kg passenger, & loaded attachment

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