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Raising the game: John Deere R-Series front loaders

John Deere R Series loaders fit your 6M, 6R or 6MC/RC tractor perfectly. They are designed, manufactured and tested to the same stringent standards as our tractors. They are compatible with John Deere front hitches, work with reliable precision and durability, and allow superb all-round visibility for accurate positioning.

Built to last

The mounting frame design and loader kinematics are optimized to bear the heaviest of loads with ease, without obstructing access to tractor maintenance points or the front wheel steering angle.
Pivot points benefit from an eccentric design while bushings are made to manage directional loads, and are easily replaceable. The high quality of John Deere front loaders is reflected in their long guarantees and infrequent service intervals.

  • Multiple levelling options

    Multiple levelling options

    Our new John Deere R-Series loaders are available with different levelling options:

    • - Hydraulic Self-Levelling (HSL)
    • - Mechanical Self-Levelling (MSL)
    • - Non Self-Levelling (NSL)
    • - Electronic Self-Leveling (ESL)
  • Unobstructed view

    Unobstructed view

    Thanks to the underslung levelling link the operator’s view cannot be impaired. More power is conveyed along the loader shafts, allowing greater steering angles.

  • Safe, easy mounting

    Safe, easy mounting

    Mounting could not be quicker, safer or more convenient thanks to the patented self-correcting floating system of the built-in automatic mast latch.

  • Effortless locking

    Effortless locking

    Whether you’re working with buckets, forks, grapples, bale spikes or elevators, our patented auto latch system allows you to automatically lock any implement following the Euro standard.