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H Series


Made for each other

Our new front loaders are the perfect match for your John Deere tractor – even if it’s an older model. They fit perfectly. They’re easy to mount and maintain. And they deliver outstanding visibility and performance for years on end, with little or no maintenance.

Advanced Automation

Thanks to advanced automation technology like Electronic Self Levelling and Return to Position, even less skilled operators can now perform repetitive tasks productively.

New global design

Whatever model of John Deere you run, the nodular cast iron mounting frames fit perfectly – for greater flexibility, improved fender clearance, full manoeuvrability and easy access to the engine. It also ensures a long-lasting durability.

Enhanced durability

To make sure our new front loaders meet our standards – and your expectations – we use only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Every component has been exhaustively tested under conditions that are even rougher than those on your farm.

  • Electronic Self Levelling (ESL) Electronic Self Levelling (ESL)

    Step up to the next level! Electronic self leveling is the next step in automated, high-precision productivity.

  • Return to Position

    Return to Position

    All you do is select one of the following four detents on the electronic joystick in your cab – RTP does the rest.

  • Easy mounting

    Easy mounting

    It’s easy to couple and uncouple the third function hydraulic lines with the implement multicoupler, even when the hose pressure is high.