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Fairway Mowers

The new A-Series gives you what other fairway mowers can’t:
a consistent, premium cut that’s really easy to control.


Precision Cut

Perfect every time.

As every golfer knows, ability is nothing without consistency. With the new A-model fairway mowers, even your least skilled operator can achieve a championship finish not once, but every time.

7500A PrecisionCut

7700A PrecisionCut

8700A PrecisionCut

8900A PrecisionCut

E-Cut Hybrid

E-Cut Hybrid

Fewer hydraulic lines. Better at holding the line.

John Deere E-Cut Hybrid technology is an industry leading technology that’s now also available on fairway mowers. It gives you all the confidence of electric reel drive technology, and reduces noise levels and fuel bills too. Since individual reel controllers maintain a consistent reel speed, cut quality stays consistent. Try one on your course, and we’re confident you’ll agree: the time to go electric is now!

7500A E-Cut Hybrid
8000A E-Cut Hybrid
5 Gang Reel Mowers

5 Gang Reel Mowers

For exceptional productivity, clean cut and high durability, the 1905 5-Gang reel mower features the perfect package. The cutting units can be easily lifted at once with the Quick lift switch. Situated on the CommandARM armrest it is within reach to facilitate manoeuvres at the end of the mowing path or to travel easily to the next mowing area.


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